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Phone: 888-981-7445

Business Consumer Alliance: AAA Rating (see BCA report)

BBB: Rating of A+, 0 complaints since March 2013 (read more on the BBB)

TrustLink:tl_5stars_lg based on 273 Reviews (TrustLink page)

Minimum Investment Amount: Regal Assets has minimum investment amounts of $10k for a retirement account rollover and $5k for a cash buy for physical delivery.

>>Short Summary on Why We Chose Regal: Outstanding Reputation, Low, Flat IRA Fee, Extremely Low Number of Complaints, Professional (Not Pushy) Salespeople Willing to Answer My Questions, and an Overall Great Experience on the Phone


Important:First year’s storage and administration fee is waived.  After that, there is a low flat fee for segregated storage of your metals.  Most other companies offer commingled storage by default.  If they do offer segregated storage, it is typically scaled and limited to gold.  Regal Assets offers segregated storage for both gold AND silver.

If you’re seriously considering a precious metals IRA with Regal Assets or ANY company, we highly recommend that you listen to this first.

Regal Assets is a company that is well known in the world of gold investing. With a sterling reputation with the Better Business Bureau and many reviews from satisfied customers on Trustlink, Regal Assets is both trusted and admired. Regal Assets stands out from many other gold investment companies in that many celebrities and financiers are willing to endorse the company after positive experiences with them.

Regal Assets has several decades worth of combined experience and makes certain to hire accomplished and experienced advisors and customer service representatives to help clients. These advisors and representatives are available to answer customer questions from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST, which covers business hours for most of North America. Questions can also be answered promptly both on the phone and via the Regal Assets website.

Delivery Guarantee

One of the most notable features of Regal Assets’ customer service is their 7 day delivery guarantee. The Regal Assets promise is that any order will be in hand within 7 days of funds being approved. Each order is fully insured and on the off chance that a delivery is late, Regal Assets will offer a free Silver American Eagle as compensation.


Many investors are content to invest in a coin or bar here and there, but serious investors can also take advantage of the portfolios offered by Regal Assets. These portfolios contain diverse arrangements of precious metals designed to provide safety and security in case of economic hardship or crisis. Some portfolios are large enough to cover a retirement, and make it easier for an individual to plan for retirement with a single purchase.

Gold IRA

The Regal Assets team is very knowledgeable and skilled in the field of gold IRAs and can answer any questions that a potential customer might have. Regal Assets has the help and resources in place to help customers start, transfer, or rollover a gold IRA and begin investing in precious metals. The Regal Assets pricing structure is very competitive and their system allows customers to work with a gold IRA quickly and easily.


Aside from enjoying an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a five star rating on TrustLink, and a triple A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, Regal Assets actually has a five star rating from, a website that conducts in depth analysis and evaluation of many companies. This rating is an honor that only few companies receive. Customer reviews on a variety of websites are nearly universally positive and there are very few complaints ever lodged against Regal Assets.

Customer Focused

Many of the complaints lodged against other companies are due to the fact that most other companies bait you with low priced bullion (which they never intend to sell you) but then pressure you to buy high priced collector coins, making them more money.  If you want to buy rare coins, that’s fine, but don’t let any company pressure you into buying a more expensive coins if all you really want is bullion. Regal Assets will work with you to find the right investment for you, with no hidden agenda to sell you more profitable coins.

IRA Fees

One of the most important areas, but also one of the least known is the fees associated with storage and administration for a self directed gold IRA.  Regal Assets charges a low annual fee of $250 and they will even cover your first year in most cases.  If you look closely at other companies’ literature, you’ll find that if you invest over $100k/$250k, most companies will charge the storage and admin fees based on how much your account is worth.  Going with Regal can potentially save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars just with the flat annual fee alone. Plus, Regal Assets offers full segregated storage of both your silver and gold.  We do not know of any other company that offers segregated storage of silver.  And, those that offer segregated storage of gold usually do so at a very high annual fee.


Another area that you may not think to assess is the efficiency of the company setting up your IRA.  Another common complaint for many companies is that the process takes way too long and that metals end up taking months to be delivered.  Regal has perfected the gold IRA process over the last several years and they are truly years ahead of the competition.  While Regal specializes in IRA setups, most other gold companies will do it as a sort of side business.  It will often take weeks or months to get an IRA setup with other companies while it will often take just 2 days for Regal. And, delivery of metals is much quicker too.

Efficiency also comes into play during the liquidation process, too.  Regal Assets will often get you a wire payment in only 2 days should you request your holdings be liquidated.

If you’re considering buying gold coins or investing in a precious metals IRA, make sure you check out our full list of Gold IRA companies. We’ve compiled reviews from multiple sources and list the top companies online. Seeing all the  companies compared on that page makes it easy to choose Regal Assets as the recommended gold dealer and gold IRA solution.  Call Regal Assets directly at 888-981-7445.