Rosland Capital Review

Business Consumer Alliance: BBB Rating with 20 Complaints Closed in the Last 3 Years (read more)

Quick Note About the Business Consumer Alliance and BBB: The Business Consumer Alliance was started in 1936 and formerly operated as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland (Southern California).  There were some issues between this group and the BBB and the group broke off and became the Business Consumer Alliance.  Possible issues are rumored to be issues with high company ratings (like A+, A or A-) from the BBB despite high numbers of complaints for certain companies. So, for companies in Southern California, the BCA might be a better reference to use for complaints against companies that reside in this area (where a lot of gold companies are located).

BBB: 3 Complaints Since March 2013 (read more)

TrustLink:tl_3stars_lg based on 19 Reviews (read more)

While being endorsed by celebrities like William Devane and Jeffery Nichols, it is still easy to see that Rosland Capital does have a number of complaints registered against them in the last few years as well as recently.

Rosland Capital’s Trustlink rating:  Trustlink offers a rating based on customer reviews, and while some of the reviews of Rosland Capital are glowing, others offer less than stellar comments. Common complaints include issues with rude or “condescending” customer service representatives and claims that Rosland Capital does not have the most competitive pricing for the coins that they sell.

Recommended Gold Coins

When we called Rosland Capital, we were told that numismatic coins were much better than bullion.  This raised some concerns of what might happen later in the transaction.  We did not want to be pushed into rare or numismatic coins and wanted to stick with a large portion of our retirement in bullion.

IRA Fees

Rosland Capital’s IRA fee schedule is not completely known.  When we called, we were told that it was $225/year, but we are not sure which custodian is being used.  The potential for a scaled fee based on account size is certainly possible.  We would recommend asking questions about the full IRA fee schedule (especially for accounts larger than $250k) before doing business with them.

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